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Green Smoke® Discontinuation - Do you need a Green Smoke®Alternative?

On December 19th, 2018, GreenSmoke® e-vapor announced that they will no longer sell their products. Not enough profit in the face of regulations meant to protect you, the customer, meant that their parent company simply gave up on you. After GreenSmoke® started receding from world markets it was clear that they would eventually falter at home.

With the last supplies running out in stores all over the country, lots of people are forced to seek an alternative. Atlantic Vapor stepped in to help the GreenSmoke® customers that had been left behind, making a product that was not just a GreenSmoke® alternative, but a GreenSmoke® replacement.

GreenSmoke® Compatible Refills

Luckily, Atlantic Vapor has been creating the Atlantic Aqua line, a GreenSmoke® alternative, since 2016. Our Atlantic Aqua line is fully compatible with all Green Smoke® devices, and comes with flavors that are almost identical to the GreenSmoke® flavors you love. For Green Smoke® refills, try the Aqua line, which includes flavors like Emerald Isle Mocha - Inspired by Green Smoke® Mocha Mist, or Grenoble Absolute - Inspired by Green Smoke® Absolute Tobacco. Our experts created these flavors so you do not have to change your tastes.

GreenSmoke® Compatible Devices

Atlantic Vapor has created several devices compatible with GreenSmoke® refills. The Atlantic Wave, Aqua Edition, is a low-cost option, making it the perfect way to get introduced to the line. Other alternatives to GreenSmoke® Devices include the Atlantic Aqua Ocean Rechargeable Starter Kit has everything you need to get started with our Aqua line of rechargeable products - all inspired by Green Smoke®!

Similar to a GreenSmoke® Starter Kit, with this kit you can select from these custom-crafted flavors: Grenoble Absolute (Classic), Greenville Gold (Southern Gold), Greensboro Red (Signature Red), Greenwich Village Menthol (Menthol Ice), Emerald Isle Mocha (Mocha Mist), Green Hill Chocolate (Smooth Chocolate), and Greenacres Sweet Cream (Vanilla Dream).

We carry incredible value with bulk deals for our Aqua line. For example, our 10 pack of Atlantic Aqua refills comes with 3 free additional refills, so you get to choose 13 refill packs total! Take a look at our whole GreenSmoke® Alternative collection for more deals.

All of our Aqua Edition devices and Aqua refills are compatible with all GreenSmoke® devices and refills. When GreenSmoke® gave up on Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, we stepped in to help, and now we are helping everyone in the United States as well.

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