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Brooklyn Tobacco Premium E-Liquid (10mL) - Comparable to LOGIC TOBACCO

Brooklyn Tobacco Premium E-Liquid (10mL) - Comparable to LOGIC TOBACCO

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Our lightest tobacco flavor. A creamy pipe tobacco with hints of maple underneath. Popular even among non-tobacco flavor vapers.

Premium E-Liquid available in 10mL (20VG/80PG) and 30mL Depth Charge (80VG/20PG).

Each bottle has a child resistant cap and has a tamper evident wrap to ensure quality and freshness.

From the Nets at Barclays to Prospect Park to Coney Island, Brooklyn has a lot going on! So does Atlantic’s new e-cig flavor, Brooklyn Tobacco.

At Atlantic Vapor, we realize that our e-juice lab team are absolute perfectionists. Every report they send us includes every detail, including how many paper clips they use, how many pens they anticipate needing in the next 6 month etc etc.

They don’t miss a single detail and they account for everything. Yes, it is annoying but when they send us a new e-cig flavor we are always amazed. So, as long as they keep making the best e-juice on the planet we will read all their reports and get them all the pens and paperclips that they want!

Thanks to the team in our e-liquid lab, Atlantic Vapor now boasts perhaps the best tobacco flavored e-cigarette that you will ever find. We wanted to create a tobacco flavor that encompassed the best features of traditional tobacco flavor and Atlantic Vapor kick it up a notch with a kick that will get your taste buds feeling good. Your taste buds will tell you like it is!

Atlantic wanted to find the best tobacco flavor e-liquid, a bold tobacco flavor that had no hesitation in letting you know that you are vaping the best tobacco flavored e-cigarette out there. A bold flavor that announces its presence and then tells it like it is!

Where can you find people who always tell it like it is? Well, if you have ever been in Brooklyn, you will know when you are having a bad hair day because everyone will tell you so. You see in Brooklyn, they tell it like it is like nowhere else. There was no better name for the best tobacco e-cig flavor than Brooklyn Tobacco.

From Coney Island to the NBA at Barclays to Prospect Park, Brooklyn always has something going on. So does Atlantic’s Brooklyn Tobacco e-cig flavor. The tobacco taste has been perfected.

If you are a fan of Logic Ecig tobacco flavor, you will love Brooklyn Tobacco. It will take your vaping to a new level of satisfaction. There’s more, if you own a Logic Ecig, Atlantic E-cig refills are compatible with Logic hardware.

The benefits of using Atlantic E-cig refills in place of Logic refills are numerous. Atlantic refills are half the price! They also offer you many more options. Beyond that, you will love the flavor, get more puffs and more vapor than with Logic refills.

So, ask anyone in Brooklyn if Atlantic’s new Brooklyn Tobacco flavor is the best tobacco flavored e-cig and they will tell you, in no uncertain terms, “Fuhgeddaboudit! No one else is even close!”

Like we said, they tell it like it is in Brooklyn.


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