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Greenwich Village Menthol Premium E-Liquid (10mL)

Greenwich Village Menthol Premium E-Liquid (10mL)

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A light, smooth blend of tobacco and menthol. This is our closest flavor to an actual menthol cigarette, with both flavors presented together.

Premium E-Liquid available in 10mL (50VG/50PG) and 30mL Depth Charge (80VG/20PG).

Each bottle has a child resistant cap and has a tamper evident wrap to ensure quality and freshness.

It’s a late autumn morning in the Village as you step from the front of a brownstone townhouse and start toward the family-owned bakery at a brisk pace. There is frost on every windshield and leaf in sight, and the wind carries a chill eastward from the Hudson banks. Every inhale of our Atlantic® Greenwich Village Menthol aims to capture this feel in a succinct breath of vapor.

This is crisp, clean, savory menthol the way that it was meant to be experienced – a mint-laden treat for the discerning pallet. It’s the leftover ice at the bottom of your favorite cocktail, frosty and wet with a subtle shock for your tongue that leaves your taste buds primed for their next fortuitous encounter. With each inward breath enhancing the chill left behind by the last, you’ll surely never regret leaving behind traditional menthol cigarettes for this new lease on pleasure.

Greenwich Village is more than just a characteristic collection of simple sights and sounds in New York City. It has been a nexus for free-thinkers and progressive minds, as well as a home to the educated up-and-coming generations who make their home at New York University – exactly the sort of folk who understand and appreciate a means to satisfy their cravings while removing the risk to themselves and others. Atlantic® Greenwich Village Menthol will allow them to do just that.

When you’re living in the tight sort of quarters that are expected in New York City, you can’t always make the kind of stink that cigarettes cause and expect the loft next door to not start raising a ruckus. Plus, with a cost of roughly 25% of the ongoing expense of equivalent smoking, you’ll be able to afford the sky-high rent in the greatest city in the world.

Compare Atlantic® Greenwich Village Menthol to Green Smoke® Menthol Ice and choose for yourself.

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