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Cape Canaveral Burst Depth Charge Max VG E-Liquid (30mL)

Cape Canaveral Burst Depth Charge Max VG E-Liquid (30mL)

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A complex blend of melon, berries, and minty bubble gum. Made for a sweet tooth seeking a more complicated mix of flavors.

Premium E-Liquid available in 10mL (50VG/50PG) and 30mL Depth Charge (80VG/20PG).

We’re offering premium ejuice flavor blends like we never have before, and Cape Canaveral Burst has become an in-house favorite! It’s a new take on a classic American favorite: bubble-gum. We’ve spruced it up with melons, mint, and just a tiny bit of berry flavor to make an eliquid mix that’s sure to launch your taste buds into orbit.

Cape Canaveral represents everything that we love about 20th Century American innovation. The impact of the space program on our world cannot be overstated. One hundred years ago space travel was a fantasy, but by the time of Neil Armstrong’s landing, we knew that the sky was no longer a literal limit. And although e-cigs and e-liquids are technological newcomers by comparison, their impact upon legions of ex-smokers has been nothing short of stellar.

Let’s be realistic – in another hundred years, when we’re taking weekend trips to the moon and enjoying retirement on Mars, tobacco simply won’t be an option. When every bit of oxygen is at a premium in your luxury Pluto touring yacht, you can’t afford to burn up even a little! Much less contaminate the air with smoke, carcinogens, and other earthly contaminants.

Vaping has been the smarter choice for years and this e-liquid is one giant leap in the right direction. It’s a flavor that will take you into orbit and back, time after time.


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