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Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Get a Natural Experience with Dry Herb Vaporizers

Atlantic Vapor knows that some vape users are looking for a more natural and traditional experience than what normal e cigarettes provide. That’s why we stock a selection of dry herb vaporizers that combine the technological advantages of e cigarettes with the ability to vaporize the herb of your choice. These vape pens are specially designed to accommodate tobacco and other herbs so that you don’t need to rely on synthesized e liquids to get the same quality of throat hit and vape clouds.

Just like the rest of Atlantic Vapor’s product lines, our selection of dry herb vaporizers let you fully customize your vaping experience. Choose from sleek, easily portable vape pen designs or more substantial, powerful units. Atlantic Vapor also has dry herb vaporizers at a range of prices in case you want to try a different kind of technology for the first time or looking to invest in a higher quality device. Adjustable temperature settings allow you to calibrate your pulls on the spot and prevent the vapor from taking on a burnt taste. To achieve the ultimate versatility, some models also have the capability to vaporize wax and oil herb concentrates.

Atlantic Vapor still stocks an extensive collection of other e cigarette products too. We seek out the highest quality products, including the best e cig juice. Our selection includes vape juice flavors ranging from the traditional tobacco and menthol to the creative dessert and coffee-inspired e liquids. We also offer starter kits that include all of the tools you need to begin vaping right out of the package. For help with selecting a dry herb vaporizer or any other product, contact Atlantic Vapor and one of our customer service representatives will help you find the vape pen that’s right for you.

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