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Emerald Isle Mocha Refill Single Pack (8 count) - Inspired by Green Smoke® Mocha Mist

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On December 19th, 2018, Green Smoke® e-vapor announced that they will no longer sell their products. Atlantic Vapor is here to the rescue with our amazing Atlantic Aqua line as a Green Smoke® Alternative, so you can continue using your products with ease.

One of the virtues of electronic cigarettes is the diversity of flavors that can be achieved. With the right flavor experts and their utmost care, even a complex blend such as café mocha can be recreated as an e-juice perfectly. When you want that chocolate and coffee mix without the caffeine buzz, Emerald Isle Mocha is the one for you.

Ireland, the Emerald Isle of the Atlantic Ocean, is well-known for both its lush green slopes and its gloomy weather. When you imagine yourself seated on those hills and clutching your jacket against the cold, gloves can’t compare to the heat of a rich cup of smooth mocha in your hands.  We wanted to capture that feeling of chilled awe in an e-liquid, and so now we offer Emerald Isle Mocha to coffee fans everywhere.

Let’s face it – if you drink coffee, you have your preferred mix of ingredients. Coffee, sugar, cream or milk, cocoa, and maybe even an extra shot of espresso can help to put that extra pep in your step.  A great cup can make your day complete, and a sub-par cup can embitter even the brightest morning. That’s why our laboratory-blended eliquid is created with such a high standard in mind. We know how important that first taste of java can be; it keeps the gears moving at Atlantic, too!

For that first puff of the day when you can’t make the trip to see your local barista, start your day with Emerald Isle Mocha ejuice! Compare it to Green Smoke® Mocha Mist and get ready to throw away your coffee shop punch cards.

Convenience pack of 8 cartridge refills.


Nu Mark LLC, the manufacturer of Green Smoke® products, does not endorse, promote, or warrant the quality of the products or services offered by Atlantic Vapor. Green Smoke® is a registered trademark owned by Nu Mark LLC in the United States and other countries.


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