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Grenoble Absolute Refill Single Pack (8 Count) - Inspired by Green Smoke® Absolute Tobacco -

Grenoble Absolute Refill Single Pack (8 Count) - Inspired by Green Smoke® Absolute Tobacco

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On December 19th, 2018, Green Smoke® e-vapor announced that they will no longer sell their products. Atlantic Vapor is here to the rescue with our amazing Atlantic Aqua line as a Green Smoke® Alternative, so you can continue using your products with ease.

Nutty and smooth tobacco blend, perfect for flavor-seekers who want little or no sweetness to their vapor.

It is the spirit of reinvention that pushes us to new ways of thinking about old problems. If enjoying the flavor of a smooth, mild tobacco causes concerns or distress to others, then we move from smoking to vaping and never look back. 

Grenoble, tucked serenely into the French Alps for two millennia, is no stranger to this. From village to city, from city to center of industry, and from center of industry to modern scientific powerhouse, Grenoble has stood the test of time via constant reinvention as the ages move forward. Atlantic Grenoble Absolute strides toward this evolutionary, revolutionary ideal. It is mild without subtlety, and it is savory without sacrificing impact.

It is exactly the sort of flavor that one would expect to find in a cigarette that has been hand-rolled by an aged and experienced tobacconist – the sort of flavor that he could enjoy all day without worrying that the flavor will dull. To say that it has hints of Alpine mountain air would be an exaggeration, but it will certainly leave you feeling as relaxed as a day in those ancient hills would provide.

With a breathy finish and almost invisible aftertaste, Atlantic Grenoble Absolute will remain in your memory far longer than it will on the tip of your tongue. It is for this reason that it pairs very well with any beverage that you may choose, being equally suited to casual continental sodas or fine wines.

Compare this flavor to Green Smoke® Absolute Tobacco and start your own little revolution. 

Convenience pack of 8 cartridge refills.


Nu Mark LLC, the manufacturer of Green Smoke® products, does not endorse, promote, or warrant the quality of the products or services offered by Atlantic Vapor. Green Smoke® is a registered trademark owned by Nu Mark LLC in the United States and other countries.


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