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Iceland Menthol Refill Single Pack (8 Count)

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On December 19th, 2018, Green Smoke® e-vapor announced that they will no longer sell their products. Atlantic Vapor is here to the rescue with our amazing Atlantic Aqua line as a Green Smoke® Alternative, so you can continue using your products with ease.

Our most powerful, robust menthol flavor - sharp and refreshing with a wintry tingle. Based upon the level of mint that is found in some of America's most popular menthol products, and guaranteed to leave you frosted.

At Atlantic, our research and development staff may have spent more time studying engineering and science than playing football and going to parties, but trust us when we say that these guys know all about cool! They also know about flavor. Many of you enjoy the taste of menthols and have been looking for a menthol that actually combines flavor and vapor in a satisfying way. Time for some good news, you have found it. Atlantic Iceland Menthol is a menthol flavor above the rest.

Innovation often requires inspiration. When the team at Atlantic set out to create menthol that actually tasted like menthol, we sought inspiration from the coolest place on earth, Iceland! The North Atlantic island nation is cool almost every day of the year. The snow covered mountain landscape proved ample inspiration and before long our team had created the ideal menthol sensation. The next step was infusing that flavor into our refills.

Many people ask what is in e-cig juice? It is a good question and one that you should ask. Unfortunately, many companies slap together a poorly blended e-juice in a basement somewhere and ship it out without care. Don’t expose yourself to potential contaminants. Atlantic employs the highest productions standards in the industry so you can rest assured that your e-juice and refills contains only propylene glycol, which is an FDA-approved food additive, evenly blended with flavor and nicotine. We want to ensure that the nicotine level, vapor production and flavor are consistent with each puff. When you try our refills, you will notice the difference. When you try Iceland Menthol, you will enjoy the cool sensation and satisfaction.

Convenience pack of 8 cartridge refills. 



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