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Greenland Glacier Premium E-Liquid (10mL)

Greenland Glacier Premium E-Liquid (10mL)

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A powerful, crisp spearmint flavor. It's polar-quality mint to help any vaper cool off.

Premium E-Liquid available in 10mL (50VG/50PG).

Each bottle has a child resistant cap and has a tamper evident wrap to ensure quality and freshness.

Many of our customers glance through endless e-cigarette flavor reviews in search of the perfect cool e-juice. Thanks to Atlantic Cigs team of genius mad scientists and superheroes, your search is over! Greenland Glacier is the ideal e-cigarette flavor for those of you who love cool sensations.

How do we know how cool it is? Ladies and gents, we ask you, what is cooler than a glacier? Maybe an iceberg? But icebergs create oceanic navigational problems where massive glaciers carve out beautiful mountain valleys. In terms of cool factor, it’s no contest.

Now putting the ultimate cool sensation into an e-cigarette juice is the hallmark of our highly skilled Atlantic Cigs team. Our e-juice is already manufactured to high grade laboratory standards. Our blends are perfectly calibrated so that you can count on each puff delivering consistent nicotine and vapor. When you refill your tank or cartridge and take your first puff, you will notice the difference. We take that flawless blend and infuse it with the cool of Greenland Glacier so you can enjoy the sensation. Atlantic Cigs virtually transports you to the crest of a Greenland glacier. Enjoy the vapor and enjoy the journey.


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