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Mods, Tanks & Coils

Vape Tanks to Customize Your E Cig Experience

While all of the parts of an electronic cigarette are important, the vape tank does the most to shape your vaping experience. You can choose which e cig vape tank is right for you based on a number of factors: cost, disposability, resistance rating, and delivery system to name a few. No matter what’s important to you, Atlantic Vapor has the right vape tank.

E cig tanks simplify vaping by bringing the atomizer and tank together in one piece. Instead of a wick, cartomizers contain a heating coil wrapped in polyfill that soaks up e juice inside of the tank. This allows for a longer vape time and cartomizer tanks frequently hold more e liquid than other e cigs. For even more convenience, you can buy pre-filled e liquid tanks with a built-in cartomizer. If you are interested in exploring dripping, an e cig atomizer tank that lets you apply e liquid directly to the wick of the atomizer may be better for you. This method of vaping is becoming popular among more advanced e cig users because of the clean and flavorful pulls it provides. Atlantic Vapor also sells e cig vape tanks compatible with a variety of vape mods for those customers looking to power up their vaping.

Once you have selected your tank, the next step is to find the right e liquid to fill it. Check out our online vapor store and extensive collection of e liquid flavors, which ranges from the traditional to the truly creative. If you’re not sure which of our products is right for you, contact one of our customer service representatives. Atlantic Vapor’s knowledgeable staff is here to help you navigate the world of vaping, no matter your level of experience.

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