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Atlantic Cartomizers, Batteries and Kits

Atlantic Vapor is the online e-cig supplier you’re looking for to give you a wide range of products that suit your needs, no matter what kind of vaping experience you want. Beginners and seasoned vapers alike will find that our selection of electronic cigarettes covers all kinds of preferences, from size, to ease of use, to customizability.


Atlantic Aqua (compatible with Green Smoke®)

Atlantic Original (compatible with Logic®)

Replace Your E Cig Atomizer and E Cigarette Battery

We want to be your go to shop when it’s time to replace the components in your e cig. At Atlantic Vapor you’ll find a wide selection of e cig atomizers and coils. When you browse our stock, you’ll find a variety of resistances and materials. We’re happy to help you make the right choice for your rig. All batteries eventually run down, and an e cigarette battery is no different. Atlantic Vapor will help you stock up on back ups, so you never find yourself out of juice

Go Sustainable with a Rechargeable E Cig

Once you’re ready to invest, Atlantic Vapor is here with a top of the line assortment of rechargeable e cigs.A rechargeable e cig lets you build your vaping experience from the ground up and costs less over time. Atlantic Vapor has a number of different design options, such as minis and cig-a-likes that resemble a traditional cigarette, and eGo style vape pens. For advanced customers seeking a full vape experience, check out our selection of mods. Opt for models using clearomizers or tanks for ease of use, or explore the world of dripping, which is considered to be the purest form of vaping.

An E Cig Supplier That Has It All

Here at Atlantic Vapor we want you to create your own custom vaping experience. That’s why we offer a full range of electronic cigarette products and accessories. Our unique stock of e liquids, including a variety of nicotine juice in a huge number of e cig flavors, lets you decide based, not just on taste, but also on throat hit and vape cloud quality.Starter kits are also available for beginner vapers, or those with more experience who are just looking for something simple. Contact us at if you have any questions about picking out the products that are right for you.