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Green Hill Chocolate Depth Charge Max VG E-Liquid (30mL)

Green Hill Chocolate Depth Charge Max VG E-Liquid (30mL)

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On December 19th, 2018, Green Smoke® e-vapor announced that they will no longer sell their products. Atlantic Vapor is here to the rescue with our amazing Atlantic Aqua line as a Green Smoke® Alternative, so you can continue using your products with ease.

Premium E-Liquid available in 10mL (50VG/50PG) and 30mL Depth Charge (80VG/20PG).

One of the sweetest, most coveted and deceptively complex e-liquid flavors in the history of humanity – chocolate. Atlantic’s Green Hill Chocolate has been requested by many of our biggest fans and we’re proud to deliver exactly what they crave. This lightly sweetened cocoa ejuice is a great way to finish off a dinner and dessert. It’s for when you want that extra bite of chocolate cake, but don’t want to have to explain yourself. As one of our Aqua flavors, it’s based upon Green Smoke® Smooth Chocolate. It’s a flavor that is already loved across the world, now available from Atlantic!

We pulled out all the stops for this one. Though anyone, anywhere can now find chocolate products and flavors in each aisle of the grocery store, this wasn’t always the case! It was first a choice beverage among Mesoamerican clergy and royalty, and the cocoa beans themselves were even used as a form of currency before the arrival of Europeans. We pay tribute to this history with every puff of our eliquid, using real cocoa extract as the flavor base for Green Hill Chocolate. There’s no wrapper or candy shell, and your friends will enjoy the smell of delicious cocoa wherever you settle in for a puff. Since there are no squares to break off, you won’t even have to share.

Try out Green Hill Chocolate e-juice. Compare it to Green Smoke® Smooth Chocolate. Pair it with a sundae. You know that you want to.

Nu Mark LLC, the manufacturer of Green Smoke® products, does not endorse, promote, or warrant the quality of the products or services offered by Atlantic Vapor. Green Smoke® is a registered trademark owned by Nu Mark LLC in the United States and other countries.


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