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Naples Gelato Depth Charge Max VG E-Liquid (30mL)

Naples Gelato Depth Charge Max VG E-Liquid (30mL)

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Strawberry & vanilla soft-serve blend. A perfect summer dessert without a drippy cone.

Premium E-Liquid available in 10mL (50VG/50PG) and 30mL Depth Charge (80VG/20PG).

For a creamy & sweet treat that can’t be beat, you need look no further than Atlantic’s Naples Gelato e-liquid flavor. We’ve mixed the strawberry notes of Rio Rose with the milky vanilla goodness of Greenacres Sweet Cream, and the result is a strawberries & vanilla cream fusion that is sure to please any palate!

Strawberries and vanilla cream are two flavors that seem as though they were always meant to be paired. Like chocolate & peanut butter or salt & caramel, it’s a blend where both tastes complement each other without lessening any part of the full experience for either.

We took inspiration from the gelato stands of Naples when we sweetened this ejuice blend to the perfect point – it’s a great way to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings without needing to schedule an extra visit at the dentist.

Even the choice of a gelato flavor was a hotly debated topic in the Atlantic offices!

“Can’t we make it an ice cream e-juice?” No, Athens Frozen Yogurt is delicious, and close enough.

“What about a sherbet eliquid?” This isn’t an after-dinner tummy-settler. It’s a full-flavored fruit dessert!

“I want Neopolitan!” No, because you just eat the strawberry part and leave the rest, anyway.

It’s a perfect dessert tastes with no dietary nonsense. It’s Naples Gelato, and it is just the pairing that you’ve been craving.


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