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Netherlands Cheese Premium E-Liquid (10mL)

Netherlands Cheese Premium E-Liquid (10mL)

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Artisan cheese flavor from your favorite deli in specialized vape. It's different, it's unique - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Premium E-Liquid available in 10mL (50VG/50PG).

Each bottle has a child resistant cap and has a tamper evident wrap to ensure quality and freshness.

Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes has some excellent news for cheese lovers. We have crossed the Atlantic to learn the secrets of the world’s greatest cheese makers in the Netherlands. From Der Helder to Haarlem on the Dutch Atlantic Coast and inland to Amsterdam and Limburg, we left no stone unturned in searching for the most spectacular cheese flavor created by the masters.

Limburger, Edam, Gouda and many other famous cheeses were born in the Netherlands. Atlantic Cigs worked tirelessly to capture the best cheese flavors and carefully infuse them into our Netherlands Cheese E-Liquid. A cheese-flavored e-liquid may seem like a novelty, but we know that a lot of people are very serious about their cheese!

At the end of the day, almost everyone enjoys cheese. We put it on burgers, dip nachos into it, enjoy it with wine and use it on hundreds of other occasions as an essential compliment to any serving tray. Many people on various e-cigarette forums have been asking for a cheese-favored e-liquid. Atlantic Cigs has delivered!

Whether you are a cheese connoisseur or simply enjoy an occasional cheesy indulgence, Netherland Cheese E-Liquid is an e-cig flavor that you will enjoy. Not only is the flavor sensational, the vapor is, too!


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