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Scandinavia Candy Premium E-Liquid (10mL)

Scandinavia Candy Premium E-Liquid (10mL)

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Mildly-sweet carnival candy, for the kid in all of us. Smooth and delicious, with the barest hint of brown sugar underneath.

Premium E-Liquid available in 10mL (50VG/50PG).

Each bottle has a child resistant cap and has a tamper evident wrap to ensure quality and freshness.

Atlantic E-Cigs has searched high and low for a candy flavor that adults will completely enjoy. We found the answers we were looking for in Scandinavia. After extensive testing, our team blended Scandinavia Candy E-Liquid.

Scandinavian people are hardy and creative. During the long, cool winters, people need a sweet treat. Necessity, being the mother of invention, led to some of the best candy flavors on the planet coming from the North Atlantic shores of Scandinavia. Atlantic E-Cigs has delightfully blended those amazing flavors into a sweet e-liquid.

We have read a lot of e-liquid reviews and there is no doubt that people love sweet e-liquid. Beyond the flavor, you also demand satisfying vapor and so you should. You have no doubt been disappointed many times by e-liquid that is very inconsistent. By that we mean that one puff has a lot of vapor but no flavor, while other puffs have flavor but very little vapor. This is not conducive to a satisfying experience.

The problem is that many that e-liquid brands are very poorly made. In many cases, they may not even be safe. There are many unscrupulous operators that are out to capitalize on electronic cigarettes and really don’t care about quality. Their ingredients are cheap and the e-liquid is badly blended. Do not settle for less than the best. Atlantic E-Cigs uses only high quality ingredients that are blended in a high-grade laboratory to exacting standards. You can count on consistency and quality. You deserve nothing less.


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